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The Source Programme

The Source Programme has been set up for all Master students. The programme consists of weekly lectures and workshops by internationally renowned experts. The content of these lectures and workshops will be in keeping with the research themes within the three research programmes. Each year DAE will be organising a public symposium on a theme which will be relevant to both the profession and the world. We will be regularly publishing Source publications, related to the research programmes and the lecture programme. External experts will be contributing to these publications alongside DAE tutors and students.

Source Lectures

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"Raumlaborberlin began working on the issues of contemporary architecture and urbanism in 1999. in various interdisciplinary working teams we investigate strategies for urban renewal. Raumlabor does urban design, architectural design, build, interactive environments, research."

The Source Lecture of today was held by one of the eight members of RaumlaborBerlin, Axel Timm. RaumlaborBerlin works since 1999 on projects 'in between disciplines' like art, architecture, urbanism, events etc. The team investigates on strategies for urban renewal. RaumlaborBerlin also works much with collaborations with engineers, sociologists, local expert, ethnographers and people. All brought together into one communal project.

Today's lecture was an interactive kind of lecture - Axel Timm decided to structure the lecture like the game show from the 90's 'The Prize Is Right'. He picked 3 candidates from the students, who were supposed to ask questions and the best question would be the one picking his next project to talk about.
Because of how the lecture was structured the projects Axel Timm got to explain in detail were 'Futurnity Now' - a exhibition design for the 'Transmediale 2010'. The Transmediale is an annual festival for art and digital culture, held in Berlin. The exhibition design was purely made from doors which where collected from discarded houses from Halle-Neustadt. Another project was also a project involving discarded doors from the same area. They built an Espresso Bar in Halle-Neustadt inside a Hotel for young people. The interior design was made by the doors. Axel Timm mentioned that RaumlaborBerlin worked with doors in more than 15
projects already. An interesting urban intervention was a project which can be seen as a mobile workshop which allows the visitors and whoever wants to built and design their own 'chair'. This project was exhibited at many locations but one of the most important once was on 'La Biennale di Venezia in 2010'.
Overall, a great and interesting lecture.

Text: Alexandra Proba