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The Source Programme

The Source Programme has been set up for all Master students. The programme consists of weekly lectures and workshops by internationally renowned experts. The content of these lectures and workshops will be in keeping with the research themes within the three research programmes. Each year DAE will be organising a public symposium on a theme which will be relevant to both the profession and the world. We will be regularly publishing Source publications, related to the research programmes and the lecture programme. External experts will be contributing to these publications alongside DAE tutors and students.

Source Lectures

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2011-01-19 // // // Assignment

Source Lecture and workshop by Rieneke Otten, graduated from the Design Academy in 2003. Next to being a coordinator and lecturer at the DAE. She is a designer, artist, photographer, graphic designer, social scientist, and also, according to here own definition, a streetologist. Her graduation project was observing and mapping skin colors based on the world book of facts. Her source methods are Observation, Story telling, Design, Data and mapping. Especially the last – Mapping facts in an objective way whereas the maps or data visualization becomes a design and an artwork in itself.

She is working as a streetologist where she creates DNA Profiles from cities. An example was China for the book "China Daily life" Rieneke took 24,000 pictures of seven different areas in China. She explained that mostly she goes out of the door in the morning with 3 fresh and fully charged batteries for her camera, and then she keeps documenting until there over, which is mostly until an hour of 8-9 in the evening. Where she would get back to her hotel and upload and categorize the pictures of the day. She would do this routine for 7 weeks. After China she did the similar but then in Dubai. Focusing on the quotes of the city which are found on big bill boards, advertisement and by interviews she displayed the world of Dubai for Vitra museum in a new way.

Structure and methods

In the afternoon she introduced us to a workshop of mapping out our ideas, which we have so far to start us thinking and discussing approaches and possibilities. Then we started to create a Index as a starting point of mapping various ideas and concepts. She helped us think of possibilities of observing behavior on the streets. Where the day ended with a very inspiring movie by William H. White- The people watcher from the book “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces”.

At the moment she is taking her skin project a step further in collaboration with LUST and central museum Utrecht where she reshaped the maps on various skin colors. And printed these maps of visualization on textiles. Which can then actually be worn and bought as scarves. Her impressions on her work can be found at her websites: