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The Source Programme

The Source Programme has been set up for all Master students. The programme consists of weekly lectures and workshops by internationally renowned experts. The content of these lectures and workshops will be in keeping with the research themes within the three research programmes. Each year DAE will be organising a public symposium on a theme which will be relevant to both the profession and the world. We will be regularly publishing Source publications, related to the research programmes and the lecture programme. External experts will be contributing to these publications alongside DAE tutors and students.

Source Lectures

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2010-02-22 // //

Rotterdam-based designer Mario Minale gave a lecture on some of his work for the masters program before sitting down with us individually to talk about our projects. He showed us examples of projects he has done in two series. The first combines two design icons, LEGO and Rietveld furniture. The idea is to take two preexisting, easily recognizable things, combine them, and make something new. Minale started with the classic Rietveld chair and followed it up with the buffet.

The other series merges food, fashion, and shelter, the fundemental types of products in any society. By overlapping these categories and appropriating elements from one for use in another, Minale searched for novel solutions to our basic needs and wants.