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The Source Programme

The Source Programme has been set up for all Master students. The programme consists of weekly lectures and workshops by internationally renowned experts. The content of these lectures and workshops will be in keeping with the research themes within the three research programmes. Each year DAE will be organising a public symposium on a theme which will be relevant to both the profession and the world. We will be regularly publishing Source publications, related to the research programmes and the lecture programme. External experts will be contributing to these publications alongside DAE tutors and students.

Source Lectures

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2011-05-25 // // // "Raumlaborberlin began working on the issues of contemporary architecture and urbanism in 1999. in var...
Enough Room For Space by Maarten Vanden Eynde
February 16, 2011 Last Wednesday we attended a really inspiring lecture by the Belgian artist Maarten Vanden Eynde. He founded an artist-run organi...
Non-Fiction: Office for Cultural Innovation

For our last source session in January we got a real treat – lecture and workshop with a charismatic duo: Michiel van Iersel and Juha van ‘t Zelfde who together create the ‘Office for Cultural Innovation’, named enigmatically Non-Fiction. They introduced themselves as non-artists/ non-architects/non-designers/non-curators and non- economists and presented their office as an ‘idea accelerator and momentum machine for various institutions and individuals in the fields of arts and culture, media and urban space’.

Source Lecture and workshop by Rieneke Otten, graduated from the Design Academy in 2003. Next to being a coordinator and lecturer at the DAE. She is a...
Social Design and Utopia

On January 5, 2011, the Design Academy Eindhoven Masters program welcomed Bas Kools (in person) and Nuno Coelho (in digital form) to the first Source lecture of the new year. The two speakers approached the idea of social ideologies as design catalysts, first from a theoretical standpoint and then via a hands-on workshop.

Architecture Movie Source by Evelien Bracke
Last month the Social Design department watched a movie included on Evelien Bracke's “Architecture Movies” source. Mon Oncle (“My Uncle”) by the Fren...
Tricksters Tricked - (Un)covering Identity

Source hosted by the Van Abbemuseum.

Martijn  Engelbregt

Martijn Engelbregt´swork is provocative and eyes opening. "As founder of EGBG – Engelbregt Gegevens Beheer Groep (Engelbregt Data Management Group) – he designs institutes, forms, surveys, and procedures. His absurdist projects offer an ironic perspective n a sometimes Kafkaesque world."

Rietveld Landscape

Lecture and a workshop with Rietveld Landscape. 

Mario Minale

Rotterdam-based designer Mario Minale gave a lecture on some of his work for the masters program before sitting down with us individually to talk about our projects. He showed us examples of projects he has done in two series.