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The first assignment was to choose a product of my field/line of work and then change the material that it was initially used. My idea was to combine...
IP:G8 Digital clock
Despite some clever casing, electronic goods remain intangible. It is by trying to fix them that one can grasp their complexity and their inner beauty.
The project was born from the reinterpretation of a technic applied to a material, this specific material has to be presented in ornamental shapes. I ...
Low-tech Translator

A research on outdating music, not focusing on its core technology but rather on its aesthetic in order to outdate the way it is used and perceived.

Day 2190 – 8030; Past in Present.
  The idea for these cups were based on the research of subconsciously adopted behavioral traits. Each cup represents an individual from my own ...
Social's room tour
We made a tour visiting all the rooms of the "social" students to discover and enjoy the surprises that each one prepared in his/her own house.
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