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environment, food, ecosystems, atmosphere, biosphere, entomology, etc...

Using the street "deserted" areas
The "story" of a pile of waste
Fast fruit: a shop on wheels
A grocery shop on wheels that expands to random spots on the street. It uses wheeled boxes to sell its seasonal vegetables with temporary vendors.
In the past the "Ivy" plant was dedicated to the Roman god Bacchus who is often depicted wearing a wreath of ivy and grapevines. Even in these days so...
Knitted atmosphere
 In this part of the process,  I received a picture of a wine  glass&#...
Spanish Sunlight
Here in Eindhoven there is not too much sun, and I miss the light of my native land. With this printing I will feel a bit closer to my Spanish sunlight.
if only we could
  One of the exercises Barbara Visser gave us was to create out personal   ' good luck charm'.     Every culture has it’s ow...