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Appropriation - IKEA Bekvam Typeface
From object to typeface

Reshape an IKEA stool following the aesthetic language and functional choices of a favourite designer, I choose to appropriate the work of Stephan Sagmeister. Who makes his statements by using objects to create text. Inspired by his work I created the first 2 typefaces. Despite working with a given form a range of diversity came out. It was a challenge to get the 26 characters out and still showing the original object, the Bekväm.
Intriguing "classic"- The physical feeling of manual operation
The term of ‘Classic’ gives a feeling of trust because of its basic. My project aims to translate the trustworthiness of conventional modern technolog...
INSIDE OUT / technology
  we use some products everyday. and how can I understand them? They basically consist of structure inside and we can understand the process...
Protective Fields
Trust and technology are inextricably linked, though common society tends to view them as antithetical to one another. We may not trust the various te...
Tactile Passwords
I chose two technologies, locks and information storage, to investigate. I found some surprising overlaps between them, so I tried to merge the ideas behind these technologies. This resulted in a set of three principles of locks and three of information that match each other and show how information storage storage and locks are, in a way, two sides of the same coin.
Unpacking PU Stool

Unpacking PU Stool

  Unpacking The project examines other possibilities in objects' packaging. Currently, the only function of packaging is to protect the pro...
Unpacking PU Vases