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multiculture, geography, cultural exchange, borders, languages, food, sociology, etc...

 What is your vision of Alexanderplatz?
This was an experience we did during the Berlin trip: one day of studying in one specific place of the city, Alexanderplatz.
“Social Design meets in Venice”
(18-20th Oct.2010)“People meet in Architecture”(18-20th Oct.2010) We visited this October the biennale in Venice. By visiting the pavilions, the Giardini and the Arsenale.
Urban Laundry Initiative
Three alternative approaches to laundering (fast, slow and co-operative) that aim to make the process more sustainable. Allowing for use of grey water, alternative energy input including physical input. This range of products allows it users to re-assess their use or resources on a basic daily level. Designed for separating loads during use (colours, dark, light etc), and for multiple users to use the same machine this system keeps in mind hygiene and existing systems, while utilising mechanics to maximise efficiency.
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