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Living curtain
A drawing was given to me in where it showed how to measure height of a person in relation to a door.  Measuring living things for me is looking ...
SOURCE // NOVEMBER 10th 2010 // Martijn Engelbregt
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Imprints of memory
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  WHY: In my research about trustworthy objects I found that you can divide trust into many different aspects, but an object that possesses all ...
Think about it!
  WHY: I changed the word understandable into unreal. Because for me trust has no fixed definition. It is not a word you can grasp immediately. ...
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Visit to Theo Jansen

 Video from an excursion taken by the Man and Humanity Masters students from the the Design Academy in Eindhoven. A glimpse of what we saw when we visited Theo Jansens' workshop.

TTT, Three Translated Traces

MENTOR: Louise Schouwenberg

CONCEPT TRANSLATION: The assignment consisted in translating the views of a fashion designer into the design of a chair diving into the meanings that cling to materials and techniques in the furniture flied. After that, we were asked to design a side table, which actually represent the opposite concept of what the chair does, while at the same time it would remain obvious that the two belong together. Finally, the third translation was into graphic design field in order to communicate both chair and table on a poster.

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