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a reflection is just a perception
it is not a mirror
the belly botton
The navel is mostly hidden behind our clothes.

I wanted to bring it to the front by creating jewelry, from many differently traced navels of people.
The Duality of Reality
For me trust is something interpersonal and deals with sympathy and emotion. To trust a product the gut feeling must be right which might be caused by...
collective conscience
 More and more people are alienating themselves from each other. The perception of...
On October 21st we had a very interesting lecture by Kim De Groot at Van Abbe museum in Eindhoven within the framework of the Source Programme. The...
Translated tradition
Ted asked us that change one word from trust which were traceable, relevant, underatandable, sustainable, transparent.  I changed tranceable int...
A contradiction between trust and mistrust
 Trust is a concept, so people cannot easily grasp the idea of trust. Therefore, I started to make a contradiction between trustful and mistrustf...
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