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2011-05-27 // // Global/Local, Nature, Health // Garbage // Assignment

I found my “fascination” for this assignment the first working day… I just put one step on my street and saw a huge pile of garbage in front of my house. From that moment, I kept on walking to the market but looking carefully at all the pieces of garbage on the street. My research has been focused on the first day pile of waste, analyzing it every week… but also analyzing its surroundings, like the restaurant, the street furniture, the bins, the animals, the weather…

I want to show my own relation and experiences with the garbage during the three-months term: my feelings with the waste has guided me during the research and each week, the scenario was the same but the content changed every single day. Once I even took part in the “cleaning” task in my street, with a vacuum cleaner, I wanted to treat the street like my home, and take care of it. There was a crucial moment during the research when five weeks before ending the term, the street containers in my street were broken and then, I decided not to throw away my own garbage and live with it inside my room. I analyzed every piece of waste I produced to be aware of the amount of garbage I create normally. The idea of keeping my waste next to me drove me to think in a different way to storage it. That’s why I used this vacuum bag system because with it, I get less space as possible and I can really check the amount of waste I produce in one month, in one year…

The book shows my weekly approach to my street and the garbage on it, in a chronological way since there is no relation among what I found each day during the term. Here, some pages of the book:

Mentor: Rianne Makkink