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2011-05-27 // // Global/Local, Nature, Health // Fast fruit: a shop on wheels // Assignment

grocery shop on wheels that expands to random spots on the street. It uses wheeled boxes to sell its seasonal vegetables with temporary vendors.

The seller gives his/her ID and receives a 24hours vendor license from the Fast Fruit owner. This covers the sellers’ insurance and registration. Unemployed people (students, people looking for a side job, people who stay temporary in a city…) apply for a box at Fast Fruit. The seller receives a box+vegetables, and a take-out kit (wheels, handle, chalk) and after assembling, he/she rolls out, finds a spot in the street, and draws place+prices around the box with the chalk. The benefits for the seller is a flexible job, free spot selection and daily payment; for the owner is an enlargement of the fixed shop, income percentage (70% shop / 30% seller); for the costumer is an easy access to local fruit and direct interaction with the seller; for the city is more life and social activity on the streets; for the farmer is a direct relation with local selling points. At the end of the workday, the seller brings the box back to the shop owner, gets his/her ID back and receives the payment depending on the sold amount of vegetables.

Mentor: Thomas Lommee | Group project with Irma Földényi and Lynn Schammel