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2011-04-22 // // Human Condition // time will tell // Assignment

A side walk is a place where known and unknown meets. Time can tell the stories of the pedestrains.


Time can show the aesthetics of a city. Especially modern cities like  Eindhoven can in time show the stories of more then just stone.

A movie was made as inspiration. The venue which was chosen was the piazza, or better called 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Now just imagine the stones and pavement wearing of by the many steps which walked upon her.


By creating a pavement which consist of various materials, that wear of by time and show the most common walked roots.

Inspired on Jane Jacobs the street philospher who saw that side side walks create trust in people.

There where more people walk the roads are safer and seen as pleasent spaces.


approximation of time:

blue/green= 1 year

purple/orange= 5 years

yellow/pink= 7 years

delfs blue= 8

red/white= 10 years


 Mentor: Oana Rades