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2011-03-05 // // Human Condition // Representation of Weight

Exploring Trust and technology


A Measuring object or a scale, represents the weight or mass of an object. Tough the centuries we developed a lot of different ways to measure depending on the subject. Measuring body weight became a way to go after an ideal. We created formulas and tables to give more meaning to the numbers of the outcome.

With the plaster scale I visualised the relationship between body and the scale, how do we treat this object in relation to trust. The measurement of weight becomes more trustable when comparing it to others. That could declare why BMI an WHR are still favourite formulas for giving a meaning to weight.

Inspired by these formulas to visualise general ideals, I designed a chair what represents this relation. The BMI of the object it self stay’s the same, but outside the rules of the formulas there is space to fill in your own representation of weight.



If we want to know if we can trust something, we compare it to others or experiences we had before. To compare and to analyses these we created formulas to give us more certainty, for ex. the golden section. Measuring weight doesn’t say more than a few figures. So we developed also for weight comparing formulas. Often used is BMI (Body Mass Index). It gives us borders and an Ideal. But does this affects or products?



In the end I don’t believe in starring blind on formulas to measure. If we look objective to we are able to make or own representing.

This chair will represent this, but can also be confronting or surprising if your own vision on weight is incorrect.


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