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2011-02-03 // // Human Condition // DAE student union

The project was born out of an experi­ment conducted on all 1st year social design master students at Design Acad­emy Eindhoven by one of our mentors. The aim of the experiment was to allow each student to find an individual fasci­nation. My fascination was change from the inside and communication through somewhat educational and simplistic means.

When looking at the topic change from the inside I asked my self “What kind of change could I explore that would be meaningful in a social design context while at the same time being tangible?” By posing that question I realized that I could look at my situation in life and at the Design Academy.

“How would a democratic student union within the context of the Design Acad­emy work?” became the starting point. Through research on contemporary student unions in the Netherlands and in Sweden, interviews, observations and discussions, a blueprint for how a democratic student union could be constructed and work in the context of the Design Academy was created. The union communication structure and how the union could evolve in the near future once the structure was created were also envisioned.