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2010-12-15 // // Technology // Intriguing "classic"- The physical feeling of manual operation // Assignment

The term of ‘Classic’ gives a feeling of trust because of its basic. My project aims to translate the trustworthiness of conventional modern technology into intriguing object within the context of ‘Classic’.

The feelings of manual operation of original product are translated into a digital format in electronic consumer market as the actions of controlling by touch, sliding and smooth movement. This is comparable with the classic analog products because these are concerned to reveal the physical feeling of operation. Manual operation is one of attraction of classic product to people who are fascinated by old products. Sound, stiff movement and vibration of manual operation effectively interacts with user intention through the physical feeling of control in use.

I decided to recreate the way of control of existing technical products which have been transformed in digital format, but its actual function has not been changed from its original.

1. Portable amplifier

Volume control is visualized as a blue bar on the small LCD screen and controlled by the movement of one finger. Sound is more about sense and a feeling from vibration. This portable amplifier is designed to emphasis on the physical actions and sound of control by one hand grip. Power is controlled by push on the top, wind the wheel to control the volume. This makes sounds once it is pushed and turned to give a feeling of control.

2. Radio

Do we need to see a number to control the frequency range in radio?  Instead of giving a digital number of the frequency, the control wheel with strip is able to be pulled and winded with sound in order to create the physical feeling.