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2010-12-09 // // Human Condition // MEMORY TREE




 As a part of the theme'Home as a social entity' for mentor Dick van Hoff, we were given the assignment of designing a metal object for our room.

I  designed 'alive product' in my room. It means that I can feel it is growing because I can add pictures or tickets on the branches when I had a special event in my life. As time goes by, it grows each day by collecting my memories. It would become like me. Time after time, if I look at this tree, I can reminisce about the past and feel a sense of accomplishment that I did.  It could be a little pleasure in my life.

To realize this concept ' growing', I researched a self assembled structure on metal seet without bolt or nut. It is also easy to carry when I move other place because it can be divided several pieces.