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2010-12-09 // // Human Condition, Industry, Global/Local, Health // Simplicity





_Is refered to the equilibrium of a system.

_One individual can not be self sustainable, it belongs to a lot of interconected and related para meters of a system. A chain of events.

_Complex connections, every element supports each other.


_If the system is simplified and ordered, making simple connections, in a direct way, we can talk about one self sustainable individual.

_The act of confidence itself is simple, beside inderneath there is a complex system.

_Using existing systems, combining elements in a clever way. (Designer-Composer).

_Simplicity is about substracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

_Simplicity is to get the maximun effect of communication with the minimun energy.

_Something simple is easier to understand.

_Something simple reaches the transparency.

_Witch simple connections is easier to trace all the elemnts.


I replaced the word sustainability into simplicity. For me the sustainable concept is related to a web of events. Every individual element of the complex system supports and depends on each other. It is difficult to accomplish a self sustainable element, so I translated it in to a simple chain of events, with an easy structure made out of simple connections.

I whanted to show, the designer as a composer of a system. Like a composer of a orchestra, when the composter puts every sound of the dfferent instruments in one smooth composition. Then the music sound armonic, because all the system works fine. 

Then i choose the way as an humorist, they can reverse things really easily with the creativity. They could turn the meaning ofeverything with a little turn, with a simple touch. Then the meaning is completely different.

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful. I what to connect things in a simple way, organizing the elements between them to get a more compact and efficient system. The act of trust is simple itself, but every element hides a complexity. When the structure is simple and accessible, we can talk about self-sustainable systems. 

I made a cabinet where the joints between the elements are simple. There is one electric cable that holds all the pieces together, without using screws or glue. I use all the resources that already exist, to make the construction easy. The plant placed in the cabinet is a remain of the sustainability. Also the packaging of the object, is produced in the same way of thinking.