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2010-12-09 // // Industry // Before I was a tree

Trust & time

In the industry, there are objects which are made to resist in time.
I do not mean machines like for example a washing machine or microwave. I am focussing only on the material the machines are made out from.
There are objects which wear out by using them (fabric for example) but they do not change their shape.
Wood for instance has a diverse property which allows it to be used as an construction material, for furniture etc.
It is a resistant and strong material but at the same time it is flexible.
When wood is wet and than dries, it sometimes might change its shape which is than not useful for the industrial production.
My idea is to confront two materials with different properties. I chose steel which is not flexible and which is strong and on the other side I chose wood which is alive and where it is possible to change its shape.
Wood is very sensitive to water and heat. Tensions are created inside the wood and the material wants to move. The pattern which is created by that is the woods memory when it still was a tree.
You could say that the the steel structure holds the wood It’s like if the delicately with its fingertips. Their planks have to be raw. Besides it is also very important to find a good piece of wood which will change its shape. This is hard to tell though - because the process is rather random. In this case the randomness is made by the wood itself because the metamorphosis takes more or less two months - where the object creates its shape itself.
The most important thing is to be patient and wait and to trust the process.