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2010-12-09 // // Human Condition // Bending a piece of paper // Assignment

A bedside table for my guest to place the tourist guide and a candle during his/her visit at my home and then I could take it away when my guest is gone.

We (the students) live in small rooms so I thought it would be nice if I could give a tiny object to my guest to make this short stay more comfortable.

Trying to have the most neutral piece, this object is made out of white steel sheet, bent several time like a piece of paper to get a friendly shape.

I decided what to do with this metal assignment during the first weeks of lessons when I had a guest in my place. I thought it would be really nice if with an object, I could make more comfortable his stay with me in my house. It's a bedside table to attach it below the mattress where my guest can place the Holland guide and light a candle before falling asleep after a long tourist day. Evoking the cross sections of metal beams which are self-supporting construction elements, they don't need anything else to fulfill their function. I made this piece with white steel sheet to get the most neutral object to fit with every different personalities of my guests, bent it by hand to have a friendly shape that I can close and take it away when my guest is gone. 


Mentor: Dick van Hoff