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2010-12-09 // // Human Condition, Nature // Spanish Sunlight // Assignment

A silkscreen printing in my bed linen and wall to emulate the effect of the Spanish light, where every window has a blind to protect you from the sun.

Here in Eindhoven there is not too much sun, and I miss the light of my native land. With this printing I will feel a bit closer to my Spanish sunlight.

Two different patterns are printed in the bed linen, made out of two kind of paint, sunsense and glow-in-the-dark, which react with or without light.

With this assignment I have been thinking on the light, specially the Spanish sunlight. When I had to "invite" an artist to do something in my room, I chose Joaquín Sorolla because his paintings always show the light of our native land. This was the starting point to think about my final proposal... something related with light and also with my window, where I have these horrible and broken mosquito nettings that I hate actually. So eventually, I decided to work with light... not making a lamp but playing with its effect. Using paints which react with light or with the lack of it, I am more aware of its presence and its potential because I see one of the layers only with direct light, and the other one when there is no light anymore. Now, with these patterns in my bed linen I feel closer to my Spanish light because the patterns evoke the shadows of the blinds, an essential object in Spain to protect you from the sun.


Mentor: Jan Boelen