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2010-12-09 // // Human Condition // In Search of a New Tactility

How does trust begin, and with what tools have we been equipped to initiate this relationship with the people, environments, and objects that surround us? In this design process, I have continually returned to this diagram of the way a baby processes sensory input in discovering and learning to trust to its mother.

Is there a possibility that a mature adult can return to this level of curiosity, this vitality of new experience, this synaesthetic interweaving of sensory impressions?

My work explores this territory of heightened, doubled, or altered sensations, with a specific focus on our tactile interactions with our exterior environment. I have made several apparatuses for the hands and other parts of the body. By estranging users from their normal physical motions, the shape and space of their body as it interacts with objects becomes a heightened conscious experience.

altered tactility • pin-covered surfaces translate touch into sound and responds to texture in a different way than skin itself

heightened tactility • crocheted wire gloves magnify the feelings of contact and strain on the surfaces of the fingers and back of the hand

estranged tactility • the spikes inside the hand increase the physical extent of touch and translate hand shape and contact into sound

extrusion of motion • tesselated webbing between the fingers makes motion a highly dramatized act, manipulating the space between

articulation of motion • prosthetic attachments to the elbow joints emphasize the acts of extension and flexing found in body motion