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2010-12-09 // // Human Condition // TRUST

 Personal informations  are largely shared  by being uploaded to all kinds of social networks.  For example, names, ages, interests, relationships...,etc. This kind of data is increasingly becoming the components of a person‘s   personality in digital life.  However, the data could be faked by selections and make trust become difficult.

The physical world is gradually becoming digital. With the development of new technology, such as Augmented Reality, the boundaries between real world and virtual world are blurred. In the future, we might not see the real faces of people but the data which  they intend to show.
A mask, which transfers physical faces into digital data, shows the selections of personal informations by using Augmented Reality technology. This mask is to address the issue which people spend more time on social network and only contact friends through internet without really seeing each others. Therefore, what people look like is becoming less important than what kind of data they uploads.