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2010-11-06 // // Human Condition // The first mid-term evaluation of Contextual Design year 1/ the 2nd Nov 2010

The review started on the 2nd November at 10:00. We worked in five groups on five assignments and themes, which were tutored by the tutors: Oana, Barbara (+Jan), Ted, Joost, Louise (+Herman). In the Masters space we created five spots, under the visible name of the mentors who guided it.

 All students were supposed to show a mix of: Texts / booklet, images, inside and apart from the booklet, posters, drawings, models, videos. It was emphasized to communicate in a way that all the works should be explained our project without verbal explanations.

  During Mid Term Scott Burnham, project leader of the TRUST project (in cooperation with Premsela) and the tutors Barbara, Koen and Louise chose the best projects to take part in the competition Design for Change in France. Mathieu Frossard, Anna Badur, Tamar Shafrir and Joao Abreu Valente were elected for the Design for Change competition. Congratulations and we wish you all good luck for the competition!