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2010-12-08 // // Global/Local // Bending Tradition

The project began with observations about Dutch culture and traditional customs. As a foreigener I   notice things like the seemingly demonstrative window displays of Dutch homes or more glaring practices like Zwarte Piet. 


 Shocked, as most visitors are by the Sintaklaas festival I then looked at various archetypal symbols like the cross and the processes that are commonly employed to create these objects - The Christian cross as a symbol of torture made using the same process as a handcuff - also a symbol of torture, slavery, or to some sexual experimentation.


This led me to experiment with traditonal craft processes that seem more notable to me as a Londoner in Holland. I see them as a metaphor for  long established cultural practices, and qhow they might change in a society where attitudes are constantly shifting and immigrants and minority groups bring new material.This project was inspired by traditons that have to bend and change with the society that practises them.  



The woven seats in chairs often break because  of the rigidity of the framework they are set in, but if extra material is added there is the potential for new forms. Having explored many ideas and processes, this project has developed into research about the potential for a uniform and normally flat weaving archetype to become three-dimensional and adapt to continual usage - thus the pattern begins to describe the usage.