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2010-12-08 // // Human Condition // COMING TO TERMS WITH THE DOORSTOP

Starting point for the project was visual presentation of the object I hate in my room.I have discovered my fascination with the issue of privacy and the doorstop becamea symbolic object for the problem of combining two needs:to belong to a group and to have privacy.The next step was realizing the real need for existence of the object and the decision to come to terms with its function. I have set myself a goal of redesigning a doorstop in such a way that it doesn’t evoke in me negative emotions.In the process I have discovered that a doorstop would become a bearable object if its design would show awareness of the issue of privacy and of problems it creates. I tried to achieve it by drawing attention to the angle of opening the doors.The final product is The final product is a set of three rubber doorstops that allow to decide and measure the angle of opening the doors, they act like protractors for privacy. Different levels of transparency reflect difference in attitude.