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2010-12-08 // // Human Condition // THE ORPHANS' HOME

My research concerned the social unit of the Orphans’ Home and its place in the society. I concentrated specifically on the
Orphans' Home nr 3 in Warsaw where I worked as a volunteer.I have researched general situation of a child living in Orphans’ Home (character of everyday life experiences, spatial and architectural conditions, social structure of the institution and its relation to the outside world) and looked for sources of distress that could be improved.My conclusion is that the main source of worry for children growing up in Orphans’ Home is interaction with the ‘outside’ world, the biggest issue is forming bonds with other children, especially peers from school.Giving children from the Orphan’s Home something in ‘their’ space
to be proud of, something that would level them with other children. Since the garden surrounding the home is already a great place to play I’ve designed a set of keys opening a secret gate to it, which the children from Orphan’s Home can give to those they trust.