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2010-12-08 // // Human Condition // BAD PRESS: DISSIDENT IRONING

We started a film cycle on the house as social entity with “Bad Press: Dissident Ironing” (1993 - 98),   by the architect duo Diller +Scofidio.

The projects scrutinizes ironing as one among other household tasks that are still governed by motion-economy principles designed by efficiency engineers at the turn of the century.
The standardized ironing pattern was devised so that a minimum of enengy would be expended in pressing a shirt into a flat, rectangular shape that would fit economically into orthogonal systems of storage: the shipping carton, the display case, the dresser drawer, the closet shelf, and the suitcase.
The residual trace of the orthogonal logic of efficiency is worn on the body: parallel creases and crisp, square corners of a clean, pressed shirt.
But what if the task of ironing could free itself from the aesthetics of efficiency altogether?

The project uses men's shirts to rethink the everyday task of ironing, coming up with unexpected alternatives for folding, buttoning and pressing a man's shirt, and examining expectations of domestic perfection.