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2010-12-01 // // Ethics // A Utopia // Assignment

To understand if we can design trust and trust design. 

A utopia should be created, that questions the current system on trust.

Politics are combing everyone on the same comb.


A toolbox of combs that show the diversity of individuals.

Which is a variety of combs to express this Utopia of Trust.



Tools of

Realizing a

Utopia and

System of



 A toolbox should be created which can be filled it by the user.


Freedom of speech should be respected in its diversity.

 A Utopia that provokes the freedom of speech.



 What is politically correct?

 Richard Sennett speaks of arousing tools; Getting better at using tools comes to us, in part when the tools challenge us, and this challenge often occurs just because the tools are not fit for purpose.


>Tools that challenge the ideas of what a real party of freedom would be.


A new Utopia should be created which is one of social change in the current system. Values will be reevaluated and thoughts nurture new ideas and starting points of not a new but a better system. To start a development and grow in the current system which seems like a dead end. A Utopia that questions the current system of thought on mutual trust. Nothing is really yours nor mine we are just borrowing the places and time to live. We shouldn’t own so much as we do now. We don’t need to store so much since life doesn’t exists in the materials we have but in the experiences we create. We should see we are users instead of consumers. The only thing we really use is a little bit liquids some food some clothes to wear and practical things around us.  Something better that triggers the adoption of other ideas and looks at ourselves as participant of life.

We shouldn’t own things but borrowing tools. That are needed for life. In that way the tools that we use are made of good long lasting materials that will pass on to the next user which needs the service. So the main idea is not to posses but to pay for the service of function. A person doesn’t earn and own more then needed.
Only in that way can everyone have enough. It should be an exchange of services. No more accumulation of un-useful things. Instead of using money to buy and consume you use what you need and return a service.



The world is still defined by the country lines. That divides race, language, politics and sometimes religion. We forget in the first place that we are humans, therefore all citizens of the same world. We take the idea of a foreigner too serious.  We should understand our basic origin again undefined by stigma’s, stereotypes.
Undefined by politics that try to generalize people. We are more complex and divers then that. Respect this diversity and freedom of unconditional aesthetics. Please show yourself.  Become whom you want to be, no one will judge. For who is there to judge when we are all different. If you want to cover yourself up fully or undress yourself please do so. There shouldn’t be a police to tell us what to do. The police should be focusing on finding fraud.
Only then can a natural system happen. To trust in humans instead of mistrusting them or telling them what rules to live by. A person will only rebel when it has something to rebel for.
Politics are trying to  generalize and are combing everyone over the same comb. But it can’t work like that anymore. Politics need a make-over and see. That  persons people citizens need other ideas. Instead of promises of another future by blackmailing creating seeds of fear to another.  They need a new ‘hairstyle’ themselves a make over to see the diversity in ethnicities. A global political agreement on the best for everyone. Which is actually much easier then it is if we wouldn’t think of cooperate gains but human gains. With the aim what would be best for everyone. A solution to this can’t be generalized but can only be localized to the needs of various systems. Instead of spreading seeds of hatred and blame an ideology or religion.  We should look at what went wrong in the society, media and people. Not make them a wrong link of society but rather look at the roots of the imbalance. Which we can only harmonize by giving full freedom and look at integration of systems and localities. Where they have to interact instead of making them want to isolate from the current system.
Politics have the power of the media and words. They should be prosecuted for not being open and opportunist. 
They mostly keep repeating the same things for use to believe it and the truth to sink in. There should be a system that improves the objectivity of media. So we can create your own subjectivity instead of one trying to brainwash it into us. To stop all vain talk in the sense to give the intellect back to the citizen.



Mentor: Ted Noten