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2010-12-01 // // Nature // good luck charm for GREATER CONSIOUSNESS // Assignment

One of the exercises Barbara Visser gave us was to create out personal


' good luck charm'.



Every culture has it’s own idea on                                         healing.

Whether it works or not is depending on who uses it.

Magical Talismans only have the power if you believe it does.

In the world today we need something to believe in to            heal                     again.

Modern talismans like the breast cancer icons that make you in one way donated for a greater cause

and in another you might believe it                                        protects                 you against it.

Therefore I created talismans that heal the world.

Various elements of the world that need greater attention. 

For the soil, water, animals and plants.

And just maybe you will think a little more on where the big world is going by owning a small piece.¶