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2010-12-01 // // Arts // Imprints of memory

Isn’t trust something that is existing constantly and everywhere? Trust is abstract and physically not touchable. It is a circle without an ending. It is entirety. Trust is personal and independent. It can be an interaction with oneself but also with another person/s. There is almost nothing, which exists without trust. It is the base of everything. Sometimes you don’t think about trust – but you always feel it. It’s there and it always will be. Actually trust in my opinion can just work between human beings (or things that are alive) but not between objects / products / services. You rely in objects / products / services - but do you trust them? They can disappoint you - but they could never betray you. Why do we trust in the first place? If you don’t trust there won’t be a possibility of betrayal. Sometimes life leaves you no other option than to trust or to believe. But now, while observing and knowing the world, I have to accept that “maybe trust is more than I first thought it is” and that it is also possible to have trust in “things that aren’t” alive. How Scott Burnham would say: ” We now require design to function across a range of new criteria. It has to be traceable, relevant, understandable, sustainable and transparent.” Now I am shifting away from that whole personal trust research and I am trying to come up with a new result - a result in which I can say that trust is not just an emotion between human beings but also related to different kind of things that exist in our world. Honestly, it is not that easy for me to accept that - but soon I will.


Trust in Products. This is a very difficult topic. In my opinion trust is an emotion between human beings. By researching ‘trust‘ I came to the conclusion that I - personally - trust things which involve memory - an action from the past. Why do I trust a hand knitted blanket my grandmother made for me more than just a regular blanket? What comes directly in our mind when we try to rember things from the past?


When I think about the past I often see patterns which are a link to a specific person or experience (personal memory). I made experiments with different materials with various patterns on my personal memory. Later on I tried to make a twist and transform those personal patterns into universal patterns- which might be readable for everyman. A common past.



To add more value to the actual patterns i tried to find a unconventional product and space to apply them on. I chose the (extreme) intimate space of a bathroom. It is not just a unconventional product but also the space itself is a space of intimicy and vulnerability and of trust. I created different toilet seats and applied patterns in  various appearings. Furthermore, by using the toilet seats there will be imprints  on the skin left by the patterns. After this investigation I concentrated on the memory place of "a home" - leaving traces of memory in a house. I went from the extreme intimacy of a bathroom into fleeting moments of "opening doors" (doorhandles) which reveal / open a world.