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2010-11-30 // // Human Condition // Comfort Zone


Can design counteract or influence the capsularization of society in public space? What are the common human needs of our society? Is there an element that can bring society back together and break down capsularization? While travelling I experienced that comfort is rare in public space. How can comfort be created?

What is comfort for you in your four walls of your house or apartment? What does make you feel comfortable? What do you trust? 


For me comfort and trust is a stage of feeling safe and comfortable. A space which gives you shelter and security, which comforts you, which keeps you warmth and so trust can be created. With my design proposal I am trying to create a shelter for a moment - a short period of time. Would it be possible to transfer this feelings into the public space? 


The concept is concentrating on one specific spot in the public space which is the train station and the waiting platforms of the station - this does not mean that this product and the zone of comfort would not work in other areas of the public space.


If you are obliged to wait in the train station until your train arrives, it is difficult to find a space where you feel warm, safe and comfortable. My aim is to create comfort zones and design an object that can make people gather around to warm themselves up within those comfort zones. It should be a zone where people can gather and feel comfortable with one another - where they can be part of one community in the public space.


A comfort zone (in the train station) with a public radiator that functions using a radiant heating system. The public radiator becomes efficient and valuable by using wasted energy that will be captured, generated and reused. (3 Generating Energy Systems)


# 1   recycled energy - capturing kinetic energy through braking of trains

# 2  recycled energy - generating electricity from body heat

# 3  energy - hot water from hot springs (geothermal energy)