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2010-11-30 // // Arts // Think about it!


WHY: I changed the word understandable into unreal. Because for me trust has no fixed definition. It is not a word you can grasp immediately. It has a different connotation for everyone. That is why I don’t think trust is understandable or even trustworthy.
HOW: I chose to work with iconic objects, because their functions are immediately recognizable. I wanted to change the expectations of these iconic items to make them unreal. I chose switches, doorbells, sockets, etc. because they have one clear function that work in many contexts.
WHAT: I put iconic objects in new contexts to encourage the public to rethink their relationship to objects in their environment. The goal of this research is to suggest new possibilities for objects we interact with on a daily basis and to invite the viewer to imagine stories while walking by these new assembled objects.