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2010-11-30 // // Human Condition // THE RECONFIGURED HOUSE

"The reconfigured house" is a research project on the social unit within a house. I chose to research the social unit within a prison and traveled to Norway in order to research this topic.

Inmates in Norway have the option of going on a pilgrimage to the North of Norway, a journey which can give a better sense of self achievement, put them in contact with other people in society and also teach them team building.

The conclusion of my research was that in order for an inmate to change from being a burden to becoming a resource for society, they must first learn to become a resource to their own social unit in prison.

My design is a pilgrimage staff which is to be marked by the inmate (with string/leather) to materialize their inner journey while on this trip. The staff also represents how the inmate has been a resource to the others in his/her group by allowing the others to also mark the staff.  Different markings represent different experiences, lessons or help that has been given/received.

After the trip the part of the staff that is marked will be carved off to be kept by the inmate as a reminder of what he/she has learned, reflected over or discovered, but in addition the piece will be a materialization of the served sentence. The final product is still in progress.