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2010-11-28 // // Global/Local // Venice Architecture Biennale experience

Time: 18 October, 2 a.m.

Meeting point: Design Academy Eindhoven.

Destination: Venice Architecture Biennale.


This year, the theme of the Venice Biennale was “People meet in Architecture” which was corresponding to the assignments we are working on this first trimester under the title: “The house as a social entity”. We then went to visit it.

After the first cappuccino began the visit to the Biennale exhibition at the Arsenale. The old building of the Venice Arsenale consists of a succession of rooms with very high ceilings supported by columns. In itself, it is already a really interesting venue. There is one installation per room, which gives all the space and time to appreciate the different works. Among others, there was the work of Olafur Eliasson, Mumbai Studio, Wim Wenders...

One of the most striking installations, was Cloudscape, by Transsolar Klimaeingeneering and Tetsuo Kando: the room was filled up with vapor that stagnated at mid-height, thereby creating a layer of clouds. A footbridge allowed visitors to rise above the clouds and admire the blurry silhouettes below.

We spent the next day visiting the Giardini and the numerous pavilions representing countries and their visions on architecture. We had the chance to experience in person the Netherlands pavilion, with an installation by Ronald and Eric Rievteld: Vacant NL. Indeed, one week earlier they came to the Design Academy to explain their work to us.