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2010-11-25 // // Human Condition // Contextual Design field trip - Berlin

(6-8 Oct. 2010) Contextual Design visited Berlin. Where the students where divided in 5 groups for field research. Each group was assigned with a venue of a different task. The groups where divided into The Montbijoupark, Görlitzer Park, Alexander Platz, Danzigerstrasse and Berlin Wall. After their research on the places they could experience the space and current atmosphere. And create or think about new possibilities which could assert these areas.

The following day they visited studios from Edial Dekker, Hella Jongerius and Jerszy Seymour where they interviewed the Berlin based designers. Tina Roeder invited the students to her studio to do a workshop. Where they visited the Stasi museum which is closely related to the theme trust, which is the general theme in this semester.  After the trip a presentation was held on various design solutions for the city Berlin. Mentors that guided the trip : Oana and Louise.