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2010-11-25 // // Global/Local // “Design academy students meet in Venice”

(18-20th Oct.2010) We visited this October the biennale in Venice. By visiting the pavilions, the Giardini and the Arsenale, we had an insight into this year’s topic, “People meet in Architecture” The 2 intense and exciting days that we could spend understanding the exhibited projects.
Which was followed by assignments given by Jan Boelen.  The first assignment was to point out and focus on a public space where we see an interaction between the architecture and how this affects the public space.
This particular interaction or space that each individual selected was documented by sketches, photos or video.
In order to dive more into problems, coincidences, fascinations or facilities we see happening between architecture and therefore people in public spaces.
Although the city flooded with water, we could still go for our last assignment, which was a picnic in the streets of Venice.
We gathered to share some local foods by resting our eyes in the sunshine. This gave us some time to think over the presentations, processes and vision we saw through the architects of the different pavilions, reflect and discuss. 


 Irma Foldenyi