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2010-11-24 // // Arts // mauer park intervention




I was one of the persons of the group selected to cover the Mauer Park. When we arrived in the Park a specie of emptiness strike me personally, the park seemed to be an avoid between two historical spaces. The swings were so distant from one another and almost like a hanging pool.


After a while, we gather in the Karaoke square and start individually to make drawings, taking photos, film and after we look into each other and start a discourse about the things that we saw, thought and felt.


Many thoughts were shared, after researched about the historic period I shared with the others my interpretation of what the park represents: an unity, a place for freedom of expression and reflection.


By looking and talking to some artists that come every day to make their art piece we discovered that the whole wall is repainted weekly. By looking closer you can see that the thickness of the wall is done through out the layers of paint.


We decided to make a representation of this "reconstruction" of the wall. In the past the wall was a symbol of repression and fear, today, it is the bedrock that aloud the citizens to express your self as single unit, or as a society, that is in constant search for their ideals and identity.