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Entries for March 2010

Controlled decay as a means of outdating technology.  It is possible to control the rusting process.  Here I purposely rust a car in a vor...
Protection of school in Rumbek, Sudan
A mate between Lumalive LED woven textile and digital entertainment introduces a new kind of game - one that breaks away from the screen and offers an unlimited amount of options, under te basic "Pong" rule - don't let the ball pass you.
state of the order
subject: Function follows technic, was the motto which I applied to sand casting. Because sand casting is a gravity based casting method which requ...
Liquid measuring tools
measuring cup for kitchen, translating the measuring act from sight to touch
feeling the flat parts and bumps on the floating surface allows to measure liquid volumes using cups scale

A research assignment after a vist to the Zuiderzee Museum. Looking into the relationship the Dutch have with water.
Mneme, Bag for Alzhiemers sufferers
A description of our first activity under the guidance of Dick van Hoff. How we were introduced to the topic of Displaced People, my personal observations and initial research response.
Adjustable desk for displaced people
Development of an adjustable desk for school purposes. Easy to assemble, portable and lightweight desk which can be used also outdoor.
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