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Venice Architecture Biennale- II
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You Complete Me Chair
The You Complete Me Chair needs someone to sit in it. The weight of someone sitting down compresses the seat until it squeezes against the frame, uniting the two pieces together. Until then the frame and seat are separate; the chair is in two pieces. It is incomplete.
 What is your vision of Alexanderplatz?
This was an experience we did during the Berlin trip: one day of studying in one specific place of the city, Alexanderplatz.
"Contextual Design in Berlin"
(6-8 Oct. 2010) Contextual Design visited Berlin. Where the students where divided in 5 groups for field research. Each group was assigned with a venu...
“Social Design meets in Venice”
(18-20th Oct.2010)“People meet in Architecture”(18-20th Oct.2010) We visited this October the biennale in Venice. By visiting the pavilions, the Giardini and the Arsenale.
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Tactile Passwords
I chose two technologies, locks and information storage, to investigate. I found some surprising overlaps between them, so I tried to merge the ideas behind these technologies. This resulted in a set of three principles of locks and three of information that match each other and show how information storage storage and locks are, in a way, two sides of the same coin.
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