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capture performance
A photo session about trying to capture the ephemeral nature of time between my hand and the products. I was looking for a way to capture the performance literal and how this could amplify the symbiotic user/object relationship.
Alexanderplatz Interviews Berlin
During our trip to Berlin I was part of the group assigned to investigate Alexanderplatz, the square which was the center of East Berlin. Today, it's ...
SOURCE // NOVEMBER 10th 2010 // Martijn Engelbregt
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Excursion to Berlin
  We went to Berlin 4-8 October. In relation to trust which is the theme of this trimester, we did some assignments in districts of Be...
Imprints of memory
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Comfort Zone
COMFORT ME! SHELTER ME! DONATE HEAT! Can design counteract or influence the capsularization of society in public space? What are the common human nee...
Rug // // Arts
  WHY: In my research about trustworthy objects I found that you can divide trust into many different aspects, but an object that possesses all ...
Think about it!
  WHY: I changed the word understandable into unreal. Because for me trust has no fixed definition. It is not a word you can grasp immediately. ...
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