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I replaced the word sustainability into simplicity. For me the sustainable concept is related to a web of events. Every individual element of the complex system supports and depends on each other. It is difficult to accomplish a self sustainable element, so I translated it in to a simple chain of events, with an easy structure made out of simple connections.
Before I was a tree
Trust & time In the industry, there are objects which are made to resist in time. I do not mean machines like for example a washing machine or...
collective conscience
 More and more people are alienating themselves from each other. The perception of...
Bending a piece of paper
A bedside table for my guest to place the tourist guide and a candle during his/her visit at my home and then I could take it away when my guest is gone.
Spanish Sunlight
Here in Eindhoven there is not too much sun, and I miss the light of my native land. With this printing I will feel a bit closer to my Spanish sunlight.
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In Search of a New Tactility
How does trust begin, and with what tools have we been equipped to initiate this relationship with the people, environments, and objects that surround...
counteracting the capsularization of society (Public bench)
The research of this project will focus on how design can influence and contribute to the creation of public domains, counteracting the capsularizatio...
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