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in between places
The public realm is a space that belongs to everybody but nobody is ​allowed to shape it. I noticed that people have an urge to communicate in the pup...
House as a transit area
Light cooker
 Many students live in campuses or share houses. In this type of house, one of the problems is the access to the kitchen. For example, in many ca...
       As a part of the theme'Home as a social entity' for mentor Dick van Hoff, we were given the assignment of designing a me...
Concrete is a common building material and it‘s used in public space in various applications. This material exist everywhere around us and we don’t pa...
Could an utopia solve a real issue?
Women who work outside and also inside their houses may need some help from their neighbours, so they just have to leave a message in their doors.
Knitted atmosphere
 In this part of the process,  I received a picture of a wine  glass&#...
Unnecessary Product
I choose the unnecessary products , because I found different objects produced by industry , which exist because the industrial producers need to sell...
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