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The Duality of Reality
Appropriation - IKEA Bekvam Typeface
From object to typeface

Reshape an IKEA stool following the aesthetic language and functional choices of a favourite designer, I choose to appropriate the work of Stephan Sagmeister. Who makes his statements by using objects to create text. Inspired by his work I created the first 2 typefaces. Despite working with a given form a range of diversity came out. It was a challenge to get the 26 characters out and still showing the original object, the Bekväm.
Representation of Weight
Exploring Trust and technology   A Measuring object or a scale, represents the weight or mass of an object. Tough the centuries we develop...
DAE student union
How would a democratic student union within the context of the Design Acad­emy look like? How would it work?
In the past the "Ivy" plant was dedicated to the Roman god Bacchus who is often depicted wearing a wreath of ivy and grapevines. Even in these days so...
Intriguing "classic"- The physical feeling of manual operation
The term of ‘Classic’ gives a feeling of trust because of its basic. My project aims to translate the trustworthiness of conventional modern technolog...
The finals presentation of Contextual Design year 1 on the 7th December 2010
The finals presentation of Contextual Design year 1 was held in the Philips Vleugel on the 7th December. Gijs Bakker, Louise Schwenberg, Barbara Visse...
knots // // Arts
For me trust is something interpersonal and deals with sympathy and emotion. To trust a product the gut feeling must be right which might be caused by...
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