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DAE Masters Contextual Design
DAE Masters Social Design
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A research assignment after a vist to the Zuiderzee Museum. Looking into the relationship the Dutch have with water.
Mneme, Bag for Alzhiemers sufferers
A description of our first activity under the guidance of Dick van Hoff. How we were introduced to the topic of Displaced People, my personal observations and initial research response.
Adjustable desk for displaced people
Development of an adjustable desk for school purposes. Easy to assemble, portable and lightweight desk which can be used also outdoor.
Vision Curator

An investigation into the geometric forms in three abstract sketches from the Proun series done by the Suprematist El Lissitzky - 'the station where one changes from painting to architecture'.

electric silk
  Electronic component of a radio are just packed together, spinned into a glue wire that take the shape of the content. A question on how hig...
Aluminium Bowls
Woensel Market Research

A group of Man + Humanity students visited Eindhoven's local Saturday Market to meet the people of Eindhoven and find out a bit about their grocery shopping habits. To uncover what it is they were buying, cooking and to find out about the food from the sellers themselves.

West east furniture


A translation of Hussein Chalayan's work into a chair and a table.
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