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General Masters Information

We believe that curiosity and openness, to ideas and to people, is a vital
part of design. We are a design school, a place where individuals are
educated in what they bring to the world and guided to find their own way.
We take students concerns, talents and authentic responses to the world
and show them how to make the most of themselves and uncover their
purpose. To do so we need to provide new tools, new areas of expertise
and a broader set of design and research skills. We as a school are a guide
in the journey of identifying and developing each individual’s motivation and
strengths. We give each of them a platform to go out into the world and
connect, creating design that has meaning and impact.
As from the start of the 2011 – 2012 academic year, changes can be seen
that represent part of a process of renewal of the education we provide.
Within the Master’s programme this has led to three renewed research
programmes: Contextual Design, Social Design and Information Design.
Students create products, services, systems and environments that are
now part of the ongoing dialogue about human life, society and design.
They help us understand the world we are living in and how they will
shape the future.




Head of the Master course Design DAE is Gijs Bakker. The three research programmes in turn
are headed by Louise Schouwenberg (Contextual Design), Jan Boelen (Social Design) and Joost
Grootens (Information Design). The students will be taught and guided by a rotating group of
designers, artists, architects and theoreticians who have made their mark within their respective

Over the past few years the following people have been involved in the Master course, aside from
the people mentioned above: Maarten Baas (designer), Aldo Bakker (designer), Erna Beumers
(anthropologist and africanist), Jurgen Bey (designer), Ni Haifeng (artist), Ineke Hans (designer), Dick
van Hoff (designer), Chris Kabel (designer), Koen Kleijn (journalist), Vinca Kruk (graphic designer),
Ted Noten (jewellery designer), Lucy Orta (artist), Satyendra Pakhalé (designer), Oana Rades
(architect), Bas Raijmakers (theoretician), Ronald Rietveld (landcape architect), Marieke Sonneveld
(theoretician), Gert Staal (theoretician), Herman Verkerk (architect), Barbara Visser (artist) and others.

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